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A cold home is not comfortable to be in, especially during the winter cold season. When your heat pump system isn’t working the way it should call S.O.S. Heating and Cooling for a heat pump repair.

Heat Pump System Vs. Furnace

Homeowners often ask what the difference is between a heat pump and a furnace. These units have different purposes that must be understood to determine what is wrong with the unit and how best to fix it.

Heat pumps function to heat and cool the home by transferring heat from one location to another. During the winter, the unit heats air and distributes it throughout the home. In the summer months, it cools air and disperses it to all parts of the residence.

A furnace, in contrast, heats the home when it is cold outside. As with a heat pump, this unit is connected to ductwork to distribute warm air throughout the home. However, this type of unit doesn’t cool the home during the summer months. A separate air conditioning unit is needed for that purpose.

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Homeowners need their heating system when the temperature drops outside. However, fitting in an HVAC repair can be challenging, as people lead busy lives. S.O.S Heating and Cooling understands this and offers flexible appointment scheduling.

The team also helps clients in need of cooling services, as people should remain comfortable in their homes all year long. For individuals who need help to pay for these services, financing is available for those with approved credit.

Call (801) 449-1771 for an appointment. We are happy to get you on the schedule and visit the home when it is convenient for you. 

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